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UV Flu Technologies to Spearhead Initiatives Aimed at Medical Marijuana Air Problems

UV Flu Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: UVFT) (OTCQB: UVFT) (the “Company”) announced today that Company is planning marketing initiatives for its line of FDA Cleared air purifier products. The company is focused on selling its RX-Air Line to growers and dispensaries for in-house use and distribution through the dispensaries to consumers of the companies UV-400 unit. The company hopes this will help resolve issues with Indoor Air Quality Risks associated with the burgeoning markets for medical and legalized marijuana.

“The health impacts related to the smoking of marijuana or cigarettes are damaging,” said Jack Lennon, Founder and head of New Product Development for UV Flu, “I feel this is a product that can help growers and consumers.”

“Ironically, although we have sold ViraTech UV-400 air purifiers to companies in the sector, and continue to receive numerous inquiries, the sales have been primarily for the devices ability to remove smoke and odors, while also providing purified air for greenhouses. Air passing through our patented kill chamber exits almost free of impurities, as well as odors, but the catalytic reaction also produces trace amounts of pure water vapor and CO2, elements known to promote plant growth. Our concerns have always been with the higher risk of cancer, respiratory issues and miscarriage, all associated with the direct or second-hand smoke from marijuana sold today, which can be up to 15 times stronger than the drug smoked in the 1960s,” said Mr. Lennon. “But we now feel with the unprecedented growth in the sector, we can market to the growers, dispensaries, as well as the consumers, and in the process, help all involved, including adjoining renters who become impacted by the smoke and odors.”

“As a veterinarian, particularly one that uses and recommends the ViraTech UV-400 for her clients, the impact of pet owners smoking these new types of marijuana can be particularly acute for both pets and small children,” said Dr. Barbara Bodolosky, principal of the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County. “Both pets and small children occupy the space 2 feet above floor level, where the air can be up to 10 times dirtier than that close to the ceiling. The combustion involved with smoking marijuana is much less efficient than cigarettes, causing a much higher concentration of carcinogens sinking to floor levels.”

“We have found that the UV-400 can disinfect a typical room within 30 minutes, and animals seem to migrate to rooms where the air purifier is operating. Dogs can exhibit cancer and health issues just like humans, and they can sense areas with clean air to breathe,” said Dr. Bodolosky.

“Our Company prides itself on trying to educate the public to the constant introduction of new health risks associated to Indoor Air pollution,” said Michael Ross, President of UV Flu. “Through our website, and shows we are attending, such as the AHA Show in Nashville from March 19-22, with thousands of veterinarians and kennel owners attending, and the MedTrade Show in Las Vegas, being held from March 10-12th, with thousands of medical professional attending, we attempt to get the word out. Indoor Air Pollution is the ‘Smoking Gun’ of many of the health problems we’re experiencing today, and UV Flu plans on being at forefront to stopping the spread of airborne sickness and toxins,” said Mr. Ross.


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