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UV Flu Partners With myVBO for Branding, Marketing, Online Presence

UV Flu Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: UVFT) (UVFT), creator of the ViraTech™ UV-400 Air Purification System and innovative indoor air quality products, has entered into a master distribution agreement with Universal Consumer Electronics Systems, LLC (UCES) for exclusive worldwide distribution of all UVFT products. Additionally, UVFT has entered a marketing partnership with myVBO.

Distribution Agreement with UCES

The partnership with UCES will expand exposure and access to UVFT’s air purification systems. UCES is a newly formed company that brings together the best minds from e-tailing, retailing, marketing and manufacturing who have worked with Johnson &anp; Johnson, GE Medical, Philips Healthcare, Bose, major electronics and consumer retail entities, as well as extraordinarily successful entrepreneurial ventures. They are joining in a collaborative effort to identify quality products in the healthcare and electronics industries and provide the strategic direction, distribution, marketing and sales services that will position the products at the top of their industries. UCES works in close partnership with myVBO, which executes the complementary marketing, advertising and internet optimization strategies for select clients.

UV Flu Technologies produces the finest air purification systems in the world under the ViraTech and RxAir™ brands. The RxAir air purification system was recently featured on ABC World News Tonight’s interviewed with Dr. Mark Sawyer of Rady’s Children’s Hospital in San Diego, where Dr. Sawyer noted they employ a “special filter (RxAir) which takes out any infectious agent” in their battle against the recent measles outbreak. The UV-400 incorporates unique filterless UV technology that kills greater than 99% of airborne bacteria on first pass and eliminates other infectious agents, improving the quality of life for people who suffer from autoimmune disorders, allergies and other health conditions.

“UCES is a dream team with incomparable expertise across multiple industries that is specifically geared toward generating online and retail presence and multi-channel sales distribution. We are excited to get our air purification products in front of consumers, healthcare facilities and businesses that need it most,” said Michael Ross, President and CEO of UV Flu Technologies.

As part of the three-year agreement, UCES is subject to sales quotas of 36,000 units per year from October 1, 2014 through September 30, 2015 (subject to a four-month ramp up), and 50,000 units annually (October 1 through September 30) thereafter. UVFT will receive a flat fee plus cost for worldwide retail sales (including internet sales direct to customer) of ViraTech units. For all RxAir products distributed wholesale, UVFT will earn a percentage of the profits that will fluctuate dependent upon whether UVFT or UCES primarily sources the vendor. As further compensation to UCES, UVFT will pay UCES 3 million shares.

Marketing Partnership with myVBO

UVFT is partnering with myVBO., a company that brings unique sales and marketing experience to businesses of all sizes, to provide internet optimization, marketing, advertising and brand management designed to build the ViraTech and RxAir brands, as well as support multi-channel sales distribution. Through its website, brand development and marketing work and sales channel development with Better Rest Solutions, the creator of the highly successful SoClean® 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer, myVBO has proven success in driving sales in the medical device industry.

“We are excited to take our expertise in branding and creating online sales channels to help make UVFT the #1 air purification system people think about when deciding on the best way to eliminate bacteria and germs in their household,” said Bob Wilkins, CEO, myVBO..

“Having successfully developed and received FDA certification for our technology, it is the ideal time to bring in partners with expertise in marketing, distribution and related areas in the consumer health products market space to generate the brand exposure and sales that we need to establish our position in the forefront of the air purification market space and enhance shareholder value,” stated Ross. “We are looking forward to beginning work with myVBO to create a new website and brand presence that showcases our ViraTech and RxAir products and complements the distribution efforts of UCES as they open the doors to multiple sales channels.”


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