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RxAir Germicidal UV Light Air Purifiers Now Available on Amazon Prime,

The RxAir® Air Purification System with powerful virus and bacteria destroying UV light technology is now available for purchase in two new online locations — Amazon/Amazon Prime and In addition RxAir is available on its own website,,, and more. RxAir, a division of UV Flu Technologies (OTCBB: UVFT), combines a patented kill chamber and industrial-strength, high-intensity UV-C light into a powerful air purifier that has been proven in independent EPA- and FDA-certified laboratory testing to destroy on first pass more than 99% of flu and other harmful airborne viruses and bacteria that cause the cold, MRSA (staph), strep (whooping cough), TB, measles, pneumonia and a myriad of other antibiotic-resistant and viral infections.

For the first time ever, this powerful germicidal technology that continuously removes airborne cold and flu viruses and bacteria that are sneezed, coughed and breathed into the air, is available through two of the world’s top ecommerce companies.

“The best way to avoid getting the viral infections is to reduce your exposure to viruses and the RxAir has been proven extremely effective at destroying them,” stated Michael Ross, CEO of UV Flu/RxAir. “Since viruses affect everyone, we want to ensure the RxAir is easily accessible to as many people as possible. We are excited that RxAir is now conveniently available to Amazon’s 237 million customers, available with free shipping to Amazon Prime’s 20 million customers and Rakuten’s 18 million customers. We expect to continue to expand our retail network.”


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Introducing the ViraTech® RX-400 Air Purification System

Kills greater than 99% of bacteria on a first-pass basis. Changes the very air you breathe.